An independent company supporting SN Registrars (Holdings) Ltd 
in its assessment of ISO9000 quality systems in the USA.


"We have been extremely satisfied with QEC and the service they provide. I think a better word would be partnership. They truly desire to partner with us as we continue to improve our business processes within the ISO standard. We view them as an ally during the audit process, rather than "the enemy". We would highly recommend QEC, especially to first time ISO candidates. They are user friendly and friendly people!"

 "We recently engaged QEC to conduct our Surveillance Audit for ISO 9001:2008 and I was extremely happy with QEC’s level of professionalism and efficiency. The preparation work our auditor performed prior to conducting the audit allowed for the audit to proceed smoothly and be completed ahead of schedule. We experienced a valuable and beneficial audit due to his insight into our processes and his favorable rapport with our employees."

 "We requested competitive bids from three certification companies that do business in our area and had experience with small, job shop manufacturing companies such as ours. Your quote arrived in a timely manner and was the lowest price with the most complete package. The auditor arrived at our facility ready to work and immediately put everyone at ease with the process and how it was going to be a cooperative effort and not a confrontational one."

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