An independent company supporting SN Registrars (Holdings) Ltd 
in its assessment of ISO9000 quality systems in the USA.

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We are a small, independent firm providing administrative support services to SN Registrars (Holdings) Ltd.  its auditors and its clients in the United States. 

  • QECUS facilitates communications among SN Registrars (Holdings) Ltd., its US based clients and auditors.
  • QECUS works with US based clients to provide certification quotes, establish audit schedules and process invoices. 
  • QECUS does not conduct certification audits. These are done by auditors selected and approved by SN Registrars (Holdings) Ltd 
Who is SN Registrars (Holdings) Ltd

Headquartered in the UK, SN Registrars (Holdings) Ltd 
is an accredited ISO9000 Certification Body (Registrar) with offices in the
  • USA
  • Europe  (Italy, Portugal, Poland, Romania & Greece)
  • The East (Iran, India, South Korea, Maylasia &  Singapore.)
SN Registrars (Holdings) Ltd  has been accredited by UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) following an assessment of the competence, integrity and impartiality of its operators.

UKAS is the sole authority in the UK, recognized by the Department of Trade and Industry, for accrediting certification bodies to operate assessment and certification of quality systems. 

                                      The benefits of an ISO9000 certificate issued by SN Registrars (Holdings) Ltd  

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  • World markets are open to you. Your QEC certificate, bearing its UKAS Mark, will be recognized by the 47 member nations of the International Accreditation Forum who agree to honor the certificate as they would one of their own. http://iaf.nu/
  • Your SNR certificate informs your present and prospective customers, alike, that you have a World Class quality management system, giving them confidence that you have the ability to fulfill any promises that you make to them.
  • SN Registrars (Holdings) Ltd. uses only qualified, veteran, US based auditors who are well versed in the American idiom and US business practices. With that also comes the cost advantages of using local auditors.
  • SN Registrars (Holdings) Ltd never adds fees, such as Application Fees, Administration Fees, File Maintenance Fees, Data Entry Fees, Special Endorsement Fees, Accreditation Fees, and the like. All of these can add many thousands of dollars to your up front and recurring costs: costs which are unproductive and are of dubious value. 

We invite you to contact us with any questions you may have, to request a quotation for initial ISO9000 certification or to transfer your existing certificate from another accredited registrar to SN Registrars (Holdings) Ltd 

                            You are, of course, most welcome to visit the SN Registrars (Holdings) Ltd website at 

                                              AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE FOR U.S. FIRMS
                      Grants available from U.S. Dept of Commerce Trade Adjustment Assistance Centers 

QECUS is now a MATAAC* PARTNER. Our role is to inform our current and prospective customers and assist them, at no charge, in determing their eligibility for up to $75,000 in matching funds from  this Federal Program. These grants may be used for any project to help improve the company's ability to compete and covers, among other things, Quality Management System certification to the ISO9001:2008 standards. For information, Contact Us

* MidAtlantic Trade Adjustment Assistance Center

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